An infrared camera is an infinitely important tool in maintaining efficiency and conserving resources.  With every small amount of waste that is remedied, an equal amount of energy is saved, which is important, as words like carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, and climate change enter our daily vernacular. When an electrical system is not finely tuned, or building insulation is neglected, the results are an invisible menace.  As impotant as renewable and sustainable energy sources are, conservation and efficiency of existing energy sources is the first step toward a greener way of life.  When all things are considered, using an infrared camera to find energy wasting defects is as important as turning off the lights or turning down the heat.
    As the owner of the company with a background in construction, and a surfer with a passion for the outdoors and the ocean, I feel that with progress, comes responsibility and it is our duty and privilege to assist in the maintenance of the health our planet. 
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