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Thermographics was founded in 1980 by Frank Sturgis, a forward looking electrician who recognized a very specific aspect of commercial and industrial energy conservation.  From the company's advent, we've tested electrical, mechanical, and building applications, in all types and sizes of industry and utility.
  We've always drawn pride on  personal relationships with our customers, and our focus on customer satisfaction.
  Currently, the company is owned and operated by Fran Sturgis Jr., a certified  thermographer and  journeyman electrician, licensed in the states of MA and NH, with a strong background in mechanical, roof, and electrical infrared scanning, and image analysis.  We operate throughout New England, and have an extensive client list.
Fran Sturgis Jr., circa 1987, operating an Inframetrics 525 thermal imager.
thermographics  p.o. box 272  marshfield, ma. 02050
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